An often overlooked freeware app, but one that will help to keep your apps running smoothly. Thomas takes a look at the excellent TaskSpy.

There are several things that will affect the performance of any program on any system. First, there’s the actual OS itself, then the processor and the amount of RAM available. This last one is especially important in Symbian because it is a multitasking OS and each program you have running will eat into the RAM and affect the speed at which the system runs. It’s all very well holding down the menu button to see what programs you’ve got open, but it doesn’t give you a lot of information….

This is where TaskSpy comes in. The program allows you to see what programs you have running and how much RAM each is using. This allows you to choose what to close down and lets you see if there are any small background apps ticking away which could be affecting, for example, your movie playback.

It also gives you a detailed list of processes running – again handy if the phone crashes and you are unsure whether a particular program has fully closed. The other main window shows a graph of processor activity and available RAM, updated on a second by second basis.

Two functions I find I use regularly are the “Close all apps” command and the ability to “Compress Memory” (useful for freeing up a small amount of extra memory), both of which are located in the Tools section of the “Options” menu.

TaskSpy will never win any entertainment awards or help you to get your life organised. It can’t even send messages. However, as apps go, I would never let my Sendo go anywhere without it. If you decide to download TaskSpy, remember that the team behind it works on PayPal donations, and do the right thing.

Overall score: 90%