Super Miners from Infinte Dreams is based on an old style of gameplay first seen in games like Boulderdash (for those of you who used to have a Spectrum, Commodore or Amstrad). For everyone who hasn'tplayed this classic game before, the premise is to move around a maze collecting gems. While this sounds straightforward enough, there are numerous hazards to avoid.

The first problem you will run up against is gravity - while your character is unaffected(most of the time), all of the rocks, gems and other objects are all drawntowards the bottom of the screen. Naturally, getting in the way of falling objects is never a good idea and quickly results in death. Other hazards to watch out for are the various ghosts and monsters, each of which is not very human friendly. Mostly they tend to follow a set pattern, allowing you to come up with a strategy to either avoid or destroy them.

There several bonuses for your character, which range from monster removing fireballs, to the ability to drill through harder materials. These are of varying usefulness but add to the complexity of the puzzles in the level.

There are plenty of levels to work through (some 100 in total) so there is plenty of longevity to the game. There is also a multiplayer option as well, although sadly I did not have a chance to test this out.

With good graphics and sound, this is a good game and well worth your money.

Overall Score: 89%