Everyone who owns a smartphone, be it a Sendo or any other manufacturers should invest in one piece of software above all others - that software is a file manager, and the best one available (freely) for Sendo smartphones is FExplorer by http://www.gosymbian.com

While a file manager may sound like a fairly hum-drum application, it is an absolute necessity to exploit the full pottential of any smartphone. FExplorer has gained the reputation of being one of the best file manager applications available for Series 60 phones, and rightly so - especially as it is free to download and use.

In terms of features, most file managers are pretty much identical, they all offer the abiltiy to brogse the files on a smartphone.rnFExplorer however. goes a few steps further, including a hex and text editor, network and phone information, a screen captube module, and the ability to set graphics files as operator logos. (normally a time consuming and somewhat awkward affair)

The one thing to watch out for on the Sendo X is that the screen capture module doesn't work. For this reason, we can't award FExplorer a Sendo Smartphones Certified award, but it most certainly is compatible with Sendo phones in all other respects.

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