The Ugly:
So, with all that's great about the X2, what could possibly be considered ugly in such a fine handset? one thing - it's speakers. Early X2 photos showed a nice silver mesh over the speaker holes - unfortunately this now seems to have been dropped from the handsets, leaving a dark hole in the casing. It's a small thing, but it does make the handset look slighly un-finished.

Following Sendo's demise, the X2 is never going to be released. None of us general public are ever going to find out how nice (or otherwise) the handset is to use. Those of us who have been lucky enough to use an X2 know just how much of a disappointment this is - the X2 is a truly excellent phone, which would have really put Sendo on the map, right back at the top of the smartphone market.

Our only hope now is that Motorola pick up on some of the technologies in the X2 and put them to use in future handsets. Motorola bought all the intelectual property and patents for the X2 and also bought up the entire team who created the X2. With this in mind, let's hope that "Team Sendo", now working with the backing of the mighty Motorola, can produce a handset which includes all the great features of the X2, along with Motorola's design and build technologies.  How would you like a handset, based on UIQ3, with a decent camera, in a case the size of a RAZR V3, with the excellent Now! screen? - you would? - get in line behind me!

Having just launched the "ROKR" iTunes phone, Motorola have tried to make it out to be the first music mobile designed for downloadable music - SORRY Motorola, but on this one, Sendo beat you there with the X2!