As anyone who's read this site in the last two months can't fail to have noticed, Sendo has gone into administration, so won't be releasing the X2 or any other handset. However, that didn't stop us from begging our friends and sources for any information they had about review models of the X2. We've now got some of that information,  so read on to find out all that is good, bad and ugly about the now extinct Sendo X2.


This article has been drawn together from a number of sources - un-released reviews of the X2 and the opinions of some of those reviewing the phone. The information contained may not be 100% accurate.

The Good:
There's so much that's good about the Sendo X in the first place, what could Sendo possibly do to make the X2 any better? Here's a list of the highlights of the X2; the things Sendo decided they could do better than they had managed to with the X.

Screen: X2's screen is far brighter and clearer than the one on the X. As a rough guide, the Ultra Bright setting on X now equates to Bright on X2.

Speakers: There was never much wrong with the built-in speakers of the X, however Sendo decided that X2 should be louder, so it is - over twice as loud as the X!X2 black front actual

Keypad: Some people complained the keys on the X were too small and fiddly, so, on X2 you get a Nokia-esk flat keypad with bigger, shiny keys which are much easier to use.

USB: It was always a bit of a pain that the X didn't have a "proper" USB connector on the phone - it meant two cables were needed to charge the phone and transfer data at the same time - not so with X2, it now has a mini-USB connector on the phone which provides data transfer and charging capabilities on any PC with an USB socket.

RAM: The biggest complaint about the X was it's speed - while the processors in X2 are the same as those in X, the amount of free RAM available to applications has been doubled from a meager 4MB on the X (using firmware) to over 8MB on the X2.

Camera: X's camera was never great. It wasn't bad for a VGA unit, but in the days of 2 and 3MP camera phones, it couldn't really hack it. Sendo addressed this in X2 by equipping it with a very capable 1.3MP camera with 8x digital zoom.

Now!: The Now! screen has seen a lot of improvements in X2, most noticeably being the inclusion of a media player plug-in. The settings for Now! have now moved to the main phone settings application, and numerous other updates and tweaks have been implemented, such as collapsible content headers, auto scrolling of long line items and the ability to interface more cleanly with many more applications.

Media Player: The MP3 player in the X has been revamped and extended. It now not only supports MP3 files, but also now supports AAC, AAC+ and WMA files. The inclusion of the Now! screen plugin and the new side keys for playing / pausing / fast forwarding & rewinding has also meant a change in how Media player is used. The central navigation keys don't now do anything, it's all down to the side keys. Media player also now encompasses a Graphic Equializer, which looks a bit like a gimmick, but works quite well in reality.

Colours: The X2 is available in a number of colours - black, ivory (white), red & blue.