UPDATED: The latest X firmware turns the X into an X 1/2, or sort of an X2. There are a lot of improved, changed and new features in this latest firmware.. Read on to see what's new or changed.


First of all, the changed features:

GPRS: The GPRS bug in the previous releases of this firmware has now been fixed.

Camera: The night mode is gone. The camera's response to lighting levels overall has been vastly improved.

Camcorder: Much faster frame rates are attainable.

MP3 player: Less pauses when switching between applications.

Messgaing: The SMS counter bug is *finally* fixed.

Contacts: The annoying "Copy SIM Contacts" message has gone. 

Keylock: The annoying double press problem has been fixed when unlocking the keys. 

Network: Network acquisition has been sped up quite a bit. 

RAM: The phone now has over 5MB of RAM free on startup, a gaining of over 1MB on most phones. 

RealPlayer: Users report that frame rates on video play back have increased tremendously. 

Backup / Restore: Backups and restores now seem to happen faster. MP3 playlista are now restored (they never used to be) as are call logs! 

New features, not previously seen on the Sendo X:

Speed Dial: You can now set applications as well as phone numbers as Speed Dial allocations.

Now!: Many new features, including the ability to toggle on or off the section headers. To do this,  press and hold the left or right side key (the silver ones) - the one you need is the "Edit" key (i.e. not the one which activates VoiceSignal)

Easy Start: A very nice new way to automatically setup the MMS, WAP, GPRS and other settings for your phone. Much easier than even the Sendo Online Configurator.