Today Nokia announced their N73 smartphone - a 3G candy bar design, featuring Series 60 version 3, a 3MP camera, 3G and undoubtedly the now standard Nokia music players... does it remind anyone of a Sendo product which didn't quite make it to market? 

Here we've grabbed a couple of photos of the X2 and the N73 and resized them to match... is it just me or are they almost identical?
Much as it pains us to say it, but Nokia might have got it just about right with this phone. It's a small size (the smallest Series 60 phone Nokia have produced to date), light and stylish. And it includes most of this year's must-have features. This phone is aimed fair and square at the new breed of SonyEricsson UIQ based smartphones, but goes one better than some of them by including a camera as well (only the SE P990 ships with a camera). 
Now of course, Nokia don't have the splendind Now! screen, but they do have their own implementation (copy), known as Active Standby.
It will be interesting to see what, if any, response other manufacturers can muster to keep Nokia away from their marketshare. 
Need we say any more...?